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Wilmington Deck Repair

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    Wilmington Deck Repair


    A deck is a great outdoor space to congregate with friends and family. However, it could also be the worst place to gather when you have a deck that is not in good condition. You might not enjoy using your deck simply because of its appearance, if this is the case; contact Wilmington Deck Repair to provide it to you. We are well-qualified deck contractors, with the skills required to effectively handle your deck repair needs. Whether you're looking for deck refinishing, deck resurfacing, deck repairs, or any other type of deck service, we can perform them for you. When you want to be sure that your deck restoration needs are efficient, you can be sure that they will be if you rely on our expert deck building and repair services.

    About Us

    Wilmington Deck Repair was established more than 10-years ago. We established our business because we were good handymen who saw the need for reliable and effective deck repairs. There were plenty of builders, but not as many who were willing to repair them. We stepped in and filled both needs, and before long, we realized that we made a good decision to start our deck building and repair company. We have deck contractors who can build the trendiest decks through the use of the most efficient services possible. The only deck contractors that we work with are those who have previous experience, it assures us of providing our customers with the quality of service that they want.

    Our Services

    We know that we have a lot to offer to those who need deck repairs, as this is why our services are often preferred. We can assist with your deck, porch, restoration, and other things that may be related to your deck needs. Regardless of the extent of your service needs, we assure you that we can offer you the help that you want and need at a price that you can afford. With the right skills, there is no request that is beyond our level of experience. You can have all your deck needs to be met in one place. Call for servicing today.

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    Hardwood Decks

    Hardwood decks are often the preferred and the most requested type of deck that we repair and build. If you have a wooden deck that is in despair, why not give us a call and allow us to assist with your deck repair needs. It doesn't matter if the problem that you have noticed is minor or major; we want to know about it, as we are sure that we can make the needed repairs. We offer solid repairs and deck hardwood deck building services.

    Composite Decks

    Composite decks are similar to hardwood decks, at least in appearance. A composite deck looks like wood but it isn't wood, and it doesn't come with the same problems that a hardwood deck experiences. It is preferred to a hardwood deck because it also doesn't require as much maintenance. You don't have to worry about how to paint a deck because composite decks are constructed in different colors.

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    Deck Repair & Restoration

    You may want to know about deck replacement costs, but why not find out about our deck repair and restoration cost before you decide to replace your deck. It is often less expensive to have repairs made to your deck than it is to replace your deck, which is why we encourage you to allow us to determine if repairs can be made instead. Rely on us for your pool deck repairs and porch repairs.

    Pergolas & Gazebos

    Pergolas and gazebos are beautiful and come in a variety of styles and designs. If you're having trouble with your gazebo and require the services of a local deck service, call on Wilmington Deck Repair. We can handle your pergola and gazebo repairs and building needs. To ensure that you receive the best quality of service, allow us to perform the job for you.

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    When you require new railings for your deck, allow us to provide it to you. We offer railings for every type and size of the deck or porch. As qualified professionals deck builders, we have the skills and the know-how to also install the right type of railings. Don't allow anyone to harm themselves unnecessarily by allowing your deck to be supported by weak railings. Allow us to provide you with a durable railing today.


    When you want a solidly built porch by qualified professionals, give us a call. During the warmer months of the year, you may be like most people who prefer to spend as much time outdoors as possible. If this is true, make sure that you can safely do so on your porch by allowing us to build it or make needed repairs to it.

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    Contact Us For More Information

    If you are no longer enjoying the use of your porch, deck, pergola, or gazebo because it is unsafe, then it's time to do something about it, contact Wilmington Deck Repair. Why go on wasting valuable space when you can start enjoying it again with our help. Call for immediate repairs.

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    "It didn't tech the deck and porch builders at Wilmington Deck Repair perform the work that we have hired them to perform. They work fast and do great work, which is why I am gladly recommending their services to others in the area." – John J.

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    "It took three tries for me to finally find the company who I could depend on to help with my screen porch repair. I'm glad I found this company because they offer great work at reasonable prices." – Sam R.

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    "I didn't know how to refinish a deck so I turned to someone who did, Wilmington Deck Repair. They responded to our service request right away and before long, we were out back enjoying our deck again. I highly recommend this company to anyone in Wilmington who needs any work done to his or her deck or porch." – Charles T.